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Halnn CBN inserts machine forged steel cold roll

Forged steel cold roll, as one important tool for cold-rolled plate and Non-ferrous metal, has high hardness, strength, good ductility and impact toughness. So it has a big difficult problem on turning forged steel cold roll. Halnn research...


The Case of BN-K1 CBN Insert machining high chromium cast ir

High chromium cast iron as one of the main wear-resistant materials, were widely used in various fields, the typical parts of the rolls, pumps and other parts. High Chromium cast iron, as a wear-resistant material, also belongs to high hard...


Halnn CBN Inserts widely used in high hardness materials ind

With the machinist industry developed, the society developed. And the processing efficiency is an important part in machine industry. So improving the processing efficiency is one of the main topics in modern society. High speed turning and...


Hard turning bearing ring with Halnn PCBN Inserts

Hard turning bearing ring technology: a. Finish turning the base level end , the base level end will be less than 0.005mm after finish turning ,then turning the outer diameter of the shaft washer; b. Turn to another face for turning c. Step...


Choose right tool materials and cutting data for CNC Lathe

Establish machining process is similar to the ordinary lathes machining process when using CNC lathe to machining, the CNC lathe is clamp one time to complete all the turning process with continuous automatic machining, so we need pay more a...

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