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BN-S20 Solid CBN inserts turning surfacing rolls instead of

As we all know, rolls will appear defects, such as cracking and spalling because of long period usage. Or rolls diameters cant reach the dimension requirement, then we will choose restoration technology (like surfacing) to make the rolls re...


Common used Mistakes of CBN inserts and application

As we all know, the previous CBN inserts mainly are Brazed PCBN inserts, and widely used in finishing field. In practical machining process, there are many hard cast irons, interrupt hard turning hardened steel, RPM, white cast iron, PCBN i...


Halnn CBN inserts in Air-conditioning compressor industry

With the development of the modern technology, more and more manufacturers will pay more attention on the working efficiency and the quality .So how to improve the working efficiency has become an important problem. In order to realize proc...


Realize Turning Instead of Grinding with CBN Inserts

With the development of modern technology, more and more high hardness quenched parts appeared in the process. At first, many manufacturer choose grinding as the last process to make sure the dimension and precision of the quenched parts. B...


The Problems and Solutions on turning Mill Rolls

1.Cast roll has Casting defects, high hardness, so what CBN inserts can we choose? In current times, we usually use CBN inserts machining cast rolls, the reasons are: a. Cast rolls has high hardness and also exist casting defects(such as Sa...

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