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BN-S20 Solid CBN insert used in Wind Power industry

Wind Power is a green technology that will potentially change the Worlds future energy requirements. Halnn is working at the forefront of this industry, and devote to researching new cbn materials supporting wind turbine bearings manufactur...


Machining Pulley with Brazed PCBN Insert BN-K20

Pulley belong to gray cast iron parts, and the precision doesnt need very high, some workpiece only required the roughness Ra3.2, carbide insert can satisfy the requirements, but with the technology improved, the product roughness and preci...


CBN Inserts for high speed cutting gray cast iron parts

Halnn Superhard, as the professional cbn inserts brand, has been committed to complete tool products and program design in high hardness cutting and high-speed cutting field, is a company which include scientific research, manufacturing and...


Halnn CBN insert for finish turning gears

In order to suit for high speed and strong strength working condition, the manufacturers will choose quenching after rough machining the gears to obtain high hardness .The hardness of the gear after heat treatment usually is about HRC60,and...


Advantages of machining gray cast iron parts with cbn insert

All we know, cbn inserts are mainly used for machining high hardness cast iron and hardened steel industry, and common cast iron also will use cbn inserts. Especially for rough machining with CNC Lathe, cbn inserts are more widely used. Gra...

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