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Most suitable cutting tools for machining brake disc BN-S300

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the volume of complaints is also raising in a straight line, such as car broken axle, brake fail, high-speed expansion will bring a lot of risks, in order to accelerate product developm...


The 15th China International Machine Tool Show

Halnn Superhard participatethe 15th China International Machine Tool Show on April 17~22th. We went to visit the newest technology. It is crowded in the show....


Select most suitable CBN Inserts for Machining Brake Discs

Part 1 The requirements on processing the brake discs Brake disc material commonly used gray cast iron, called FC250. Brake discs determine the effect of the car brake is good or bad, and it is consumables. Brake discs processing technology...


BN-K1 and BN-S20 Solid CBN Inserts for rough machining Rolls

Halnn, as a professional Manufacturer of researching and producing CBN Insert, always devote to offering service for manufacturers in automotive, steel, Petroleum, chemicals, machinery industry, accumulate l ots of successful application ca...


Halnn CBN inserts machining air-conditioning compressor comp

As the development of the modern society, air conditioner almost becomes familys, factorys and enterprises necessary electrical appliance. With the rising numbers of air-conditioners, the manufacturers of air conditional compressor, also in...

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