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Thermal spraying process and Inserts selection

Part 1 The meaning of thermal spraying Thermal spraying is a series of processes, in which processes finely dispersed metallic or nonmetallic coating materials with a molten or semi-molten state deposite on the prepared surface of the subst...


Machining high chromium cast iron materials cutting tools

Part 1 High chromium cast iron machining and cutting tool selection High chromium cast iron is a kind of high hardness and high strength alloy white cast iron with high corrosion resistance wear-resistant , high chrome cast iron in the case...


The perfect combination of Halnn cbn inserts and CNC machine

Since the venture, Halnn Tools accurately grasp the pulse of the times change, and constantly strive to develop and provide to meet the increasingly diverse needs of fast, high-quality, high-performance cutting tool products. Halnn depends o...


The 14th China lnternational Foundry EXPO(Metal China)

People usually see the world, it can be divided into bottom, head, looking down at three. Head is the most normal and most comfortable vision, from the bottom to the calm sense of balance, contains a mature and confident, reasonable manner,...


The development of Machine tool and Cutting Tool industry

In modern machinery manufacturing industry, the number of CNC machine tools gradually raise, in the near future it will replace the ordinary machine tools. For the cutting tool industry, the only constant developed a high-efficiency, high-qu...

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