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Excellent performance on machining brake discs with BN-S30 C

Gray cast iron brake discs play an important role in automotive brake system, which determines whether the effect of the automobile brake is good or not. Gray cast iron brake discs in the car is also running the process of turning, braking,...


Halnn superhard CBN inserts Machining rolls after repaired

With the increased demands of the steel materials, Roll Factory emerge constantly, it required more on the performance of the important part of the roll machine - rolls. The roller belongs to consumables, and long time machining will lead to...


Machining Mill Rolls used Halnn CBN insert

In Current times, Rolls manufacturers usually use high hardness mill rolls in order to obtain high processing efficiency and lower the processing costs. But because of the high hardness, the mill rolls are difficult to machine, so choosing...


The advantages of Halnn PCBN hard turning Hardened Steel

With the advantages of CBN inserts highlighting, more and more machine manufacturers choose CBN inserts to hard turning hardened steel parts. So what are the advantages of CBN inserts hard turning hardened steel? We will introduce as follow...


Common questions and solutions of machining gear wheels

1. We choose the cutting tools which used for machining steel for machining gear steel because of its high hardness, but why is it always non wear resistant? A: The hardness of gear steel after heat-treatment usually is above HRC45,some man...

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