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Halnn tools diamond rollers are widely used in the ball cage industry

Halnn tools diamond roller products are currently operated independently by the [Precision Diamond T...


Halnn PCBN Inserts hard Turning High hardness hardened steel

At present, there are usually 18-30 teeth in each car. As the main basic transmission element in the automotive industry, gears directly affect the noise, stability and service life of the car. And the role of the gear is different, the gear...


Comparison and advantages of diamond honing rod and common r

Honing rod, also known as honing reamer, grinding rod, diamond reamer. It is a new process formed by the combination of ordinary honing and conventional reaming process. It is micron-level precision machining, and can process through holes, ...


CBN Inserts For Cast Iron Parts in Automotive industry

The excellent performance of CBN tools: High hardness, high heat resistance, high chemical inertness. The high hardness of CBN Tool proved its excellent abrasive resistance. The high heat resistance of CBN Tool can meet the cutting condition...


Square PDC Cutter for Cutting Laterite Stone

Halnn have exported the laterite rock cutting blades for many years, and the annual hot sale is about 150,000 pieces. With very rich experience in recommending suitable products for you, we can provide you with customized services for a lon...

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