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BN-K1 Solid CBN inserts Heavy Interrupted turning impeller

Impeller is one part of slurry pump, usually use High Chromium cast iron as main materials, Cr26 is one of the common materials. Every impeller include 5~12 pieces blade, machining these blades is strong interrupt cutting process, which wil...


Machining gray cast iron CBN insert for CNC Lathe

Part 1 The characters of gray cast iron (1) Poor strength; (2) Hardness: a range in tensile strength. (3)Low notch sensitivity; (4) Good reduction shock; (5) Good anti-friction properties. As its low cost, the production process is simple,...


Rough machining Brake Drum used CBN insert

Drum brake is one of the main parts of the automotive, and belong to consumables, the surface roughness require about Ra1.6.We can choose a suitable insert to get better surface roughness while not affect the manufacture benefit. Part 1 Mac...


BN-K1 Solid CBN Insert for rough machining Mortar wall

Mortal Wall, as the main wear parts of the crusher, the quality directly determines the working efficiency of the crusher. In order to obtain a good service life, the high manganese steel is often used as the main material. Because the high...


The advantages of cbn inserts turning high hardness material

With the development of cbn insert, many manufacturers know about cbn insert ,but they dont know the machining application industry and how to choose. Even though CBN insert is the most suitable cutting tools materials which used for machin...

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