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The development of Machine tool and Cutting Tool industry

In modern machinery manufacturing industry, the number of CNC machine tools gradually raise, in the near future it will replace the ordinary machine tools. For the cutting tool industry, the only constant developed a high-efficiency, high-qu...


Halnn launched BN-S20 for processing spraying parts

BN-S20 solid cbn insert machining spray coating spray welding parts The performance of BN-S20 solid cbn inserts processing spray coating spray welding layer: 1. BN-S20 solid cbn insert is suitable for machining high hardness spray weldin...


Three industries widely used hard cutting tools

hard cutting tools, cbn inserts, halnncbn ...


New grade CBN Inserts help cast iron dry cutting

Halnn Tools research new grade CBN Inserts help cast iron dry cutting and high-speed turning Dry cutting can not only protect the environment, but also reduce the processing costs. It can consciously reduce or completely stop using cutting f...

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