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Advantages of BN-K1 material integrated polycrystalline CBN inserts for processing slurry pumps

BN-K1 brand is a monolithic polycrystalline CBN insert developed by Halnn Superhard specifically for...


CBN tool grades for cutting brake drums - BN-S300, BN-K20, and BNK30 grades

Brake drums generally belong to mass production, and manufacturers often use CNC machine tools for p...


Application of BN-K1 CBN cutting tools in the rolling mortar wall industry

BN-K1garde is a CBN tool developed by Halnn Superhard in 2003, which undertook a national key "produ...


Superhard tools are widely used in the field of castings and are gaining momentum

With the development of the machinery industry, the performance of various casting alloys has been g...


Application of CVD diamond-coated tools in 3D glass, ceramics and high-end materials

The choice of diamond coating thickness is not "the thicker the better", the improvement of wear res...

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