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Application of CBN inserts BN-S10 Grade in High Speed Steel Roll

As is well known, high-speed steel rollers are a hot rolling roller material that has been around for a short time but has developed rapidly. With the transformation and upgrading of the steel industry, many wear-resistant parts such as cast high-speed steel rollers have started to be widely used, especially composite high-speed steel rollers that are difficult to machine, have high hardness, and have irregular rough surfaces, all of which require extremely high cutting tools


To achieve heavy-duty cutting of high-speed steel rollers and improve machining efficiency, cutting tools need to have high hardness, high wear/heat resistance, impact toughness, and fracture resistance.

At present, the tool material that can meet the requirements of heavy load cutting of high speed steel rolls is the monolithic polycrystalline cubic Boron nitride tool. The integral polycrystalline cubic Boron nitride tool is a new type of tool with the hardness only inferior to diamond synthesized by artificial methods. Compared with the welded cubic Boron nitride tool, the integral polycrystalline cubic Boron nitride tool can cut off the blank allowance of high-speed steel roll with a large margin, and effectively avoid the risk of cubic Boron nitride tool failure caused by the failure of welding joints.


Halnn superhard monolithic polycrystalline cubic Boron nitride tool BN-S10 brand is strongly launched as a new generation of material products. Its excellent fracture resistance, good wear resistance, excellent chemical stability, higher cutting efficiency, and longer tool life make it widely used in the field of high-speed steel rolls.

As a pioneer in the localization of superhard cutting tools in China, Valin superhard cutting tools, with cubic Boron nitride cutting tools and high-grade diamonds for machining brittle hard materials as research directions in the early stage, enjoy a high reputation in the academic circle of superhard cutting tools, especially in the subdivision fields of "turning instead of grinding", superhard heavy load cutting, high-speed casting iron machining, etc.

As a Chinese national superhard tool, Valin superhard cubic Boron nitride tool has been widely used in automobile, metallurgical roll, air conditioning compressor, gear, bearing, mold, mining machinery and other machining fields.

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