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Square PDC Cutter for Cutting Laterite Stone

Halnn have exported the laterite rock cutting blades for many years, and the annual hot sale is about 150,000 pieces. With very rich experience in recommending suitable products for you, we can provide you with customized services for a lon...


Halnn Tools CBN Inserts processing bearing steel Solutions

Halnn Tools has developed CBN inserts BN-S20, BN-H11 and BN-S20 for bearing steel, making it easy to process high-hardness bearing steel parts. The BN-S200 and BN-S20 grades belong to solid CBN inserts (the tool pictures are the same), and t...


Hard turning process of the new generation of wheel bearing

As an important component of the automobile, the hub bearing unit is gradually updated with the rapid development of the automobile industry. From the first generation to the current third generation, the overall rigidity is better, the load...


Recommended PCBN Cutting Tools for Powder Metallurgy Workpie

In view of the above processing difficulties, Halnn Tools has professional and efficient processing of CBN tools. The specific tool solutions are as follows:...


How to choose the Suitable CBN Inserts machining Brake Drum?

CNMN1204 CBN Inserts machining Brake Drum...

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