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Stone Engraving Tools

Stone Engraving Tools
The stone Engraving Tools is a type special tool applied to the CNC stone engraving machine. The special nature of stone determines that stone carving tools must have high structural strength and high wear resistance. Because diamond is extremely hard and has good wear resistance, it is called the best material for carving tools for stone.
Machining Materials: Nonmetal (Hard gravestone stone granite marble)
Application: The PCD Stone Engraving Tool is used to engrave pictures or characters on granite, marble.
1. PCD Stone Engraving Tools

PCD Stone Engraving Tools
Order No. Shank Diameter/ d1h7
Total Length/
Angle/ Kr° Platform width/ B
d1*L1*Kr*B Φ6,Φ8,Φ9 40 30 0.2
35 0.4
40 0.8
45 1.0
 60 1.2
Other Customized Size can be offered as customers requirements

2. PCD Stone Carving Tools
PCD Carving Tools
Order No. Shank Diameter/ D Total Length/
 Tip Length/L1 Angle/ θ° Platform width/ B
D*L* *L1*θ*B Φ6 40 1.5,2.0 35 0.2,0.4
Φ8 45
Φ9 60
Other Customized Size can be offered as customers requirements

3. Stone PCD Milling Cutters
The PCD milling cutter for stone is applied to mill the groove at the bottom of the engraving picture or letters of the stone, especially for the granite, marble and ceramic surface processing.
2Features of PCD Milling Cutter
a. Fast processing speed and high work efficiency.
b. Customer can choose PCD milling cutters with different sizes according to the processing surface.
c. The recommended engraving depth of the milling cutter is 2mm.
Stone PCD Milling Cutter
Order No. Blade  Diameter/ d1 Blade Length/
Shank Diameter/d2 Shank Length/L4 Total Length/L1 Tips No./Z
d1*L3*d2*L4*L1*Z 4,6,7,8,9,10,12 3,5,7 4,6,8,10,12 30,35,40,45 40,50, 1 or 2
Other Customized Size can be offered as customers requirements

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