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Comparison and advantages of diamond honing rod and common r

Honing rod, also known as honing reamer, grinding rod, diamond reamer. It is a new process formed by the combination of ordinary honing and conventional reaming process. It is micron-level precision machining, and can process through holes, blind holes, key-way holes, step holes and other hole types.

Through hole generally choose adjustable HDK honing rods.

Blind holes generally choose to fix HDK honing rods.

HDK honing rods are widely used in engine fuel injection pumps, connecting rods, shift forks, hydraulic valve bodies, valve sleeves, valve holes, air bearings, precision gears, mold guide sleeves, air conditioning compressor main and auxiliary bearings, pistons, metering ring gauges etc. have high-precision inner hole machining requirements product fields

Comparison between honing rod and conventional reamer:
(1) The appearance and structure are similar, and the appearance structure of the honing rod is similar to that of the commonly used carbide reamer.

(2) The outer surface of HDK honing rod is plated with a layer of high-grade diamond abrasive with equal grain size. During processing, the exposed sharp corners of these abrasive grains grind the hole wall. But the commonly used carbide reamer and PCD reamer use the blade to scrape the hole wall.

(3) The honing rod has an adjustable reamer. The taper sleeve of the diamond adjustable reamer and the cutter rod are matched with a small taper, and the outer diameter of the reamer can be changed by changing the matching position. The honing rod is used in this way to adjust the outer diameter size, adjust the scale to reach the micron level, when the honing reamer wears out, it can grow bigger. The commonly used carbide reamer and PCD reamer do not have this function.
(4) The honing rod can achieve micron-level grinding, the finest honing rod can remove the margin within 1 micron, which is not possible with the commonly used carbide reamer.
(5) HDK honing rod adopts diamond grinding, which can process high hardness materials, such as quenched steel, quenched and tempered steel, cast iron, ductile iron, cemented carbide, ceramics, etc., while the commonly used cemented carbide reamer can only process materials with lower hardness.

HDK Honing Rod Machining Accuracy:
Cylindrical/roundness: 0.003-0.005mm
Finish of processed steel parts: Ra0.2
Finish of processed gray iron: Ra0.4
Diamond mesh quantity: 100 mesh, 200 mesh, 60 mesh, 80 mesh

How to use honing rod:
Generally, honing rods need to be installed in a multi-axis honing machine. From the first axis to the last axis, the outer diameter of the honing rod becomes larger, and the diamond particles coated on the honing rod also change from thick to thin, so that the inner hole of the part After multiple honing rods are reamed, the aperture gradually becomes larger and the roughness gradually becomes smaller. After the last honing rod, the parts can reach the required size, roughness and shape accuracy.

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