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CBN Inserts For Cast Iron Parts in Automotive industry

The excellent performance of CBN tools: High hardness, high heat resistance, high chemical inertness.
The high hardness of CBN Tool proved its excellent abrasive resistance.
The high heat resistance of CBN Tool can meet the cutting condition of high speed and high temperature.
The high chemical inertness proved that CBN Tool has high antioxidant, it will not be oxidized in 1000℃,and will not react with iron series metal in 1200 ℃. And it can be used with high cutting speed, so that improved the processing efficiency.
CBN Tools have good thermal conductivity, which can realse the heat near the insert tips, and help improve the precision of the workpiece.
CBN Tools will have low coefficient of friction, which will make the cutting tools have excellent anti-sticking ability, and help improve the surface quality of the component.
Typical Component:
Brake Disc, Brake Drum (Roughing & Finishing);
Engine flywheel (Roughing & Finishing);
Boron cast iron engine cylinder liner (turning, boring, Grooving);
Cast iron engine block and Cylinder head (High speed Milling);
Gearbox housing(High speed Milling);
Crankshaft, Camshaft (Roughing & Finishing);
Pearlite ductile iron (High speed Cutting)
Also used for hard turning white iron
Grey Iron
China Grade: HT200,HT250,HT300,ect.
Japan Grade: FC200FC250,FC300,ect
German Grade: GG20,GG25,GG30,ect
Ductile iron:
China Grade:QT600-3,QT700-2,QT800-2 QT900-2,
Japan Grade:FCD500 FCD600 FCD700 FCD800,
German Grade:GGG50 GGG60 GGG70 GGG80.
Workpiece Name: Engine block
Processing procedure: Finish milling the plane of engine cylinder block
Workpiece material: HT250
Workpiece hardness: HB170 ~ 210
Selected blade: BN-S300  SNEN090308
Cutting parameters: VC = 170 M / min, AP = 0.3mm, Fz = 0.12mm/r
Results: compared with a European brand CBN inserts, the tool life of BN-S300 was increased by 7%.
Workpiece Name: brake disc
Workpiece material: HT250
Workpiece hardness: HB170~210
Surface finish requirements: Ra1.6
Processing procedure: Finishing
Selected Insert : BNK30, TNGA120408
Cutting parameters: VC = 1000m / min, AP = 0.3mm, f = 0.2mm/r
Results: compared with some brand CBN tool, the tools life of BNK30 tool was increased by 60% and the efficiency was increased by 25%.

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