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Most suitable cutting tools for machining brake disc BN-S300

With the rapid development of the automotive industry, the volume of complaints is also raising in a straight line, such as car broken axle, brake fail, high-speed expansion will bring a lot of risks, in order to accelerate product development, they shorten the research and development time and testing cycle, ignoring the product quality inspection. New manufacturers commissioning, running has not reached a good state, the product is also easily produce quality problems. Therefore, the current quality requirement of automotive component is extremely strict. It is necessary to ensure high quality and high performance parts for the machinery manufacturers, but also delivery on time and ensure the overall interests of the machinery factory. We can only search for a breakthrough in the processing technology and processing efficiency.
Some automotive parts are consumables, for example, both brake discs and brake drums are the most typical consumption of parts, this article mainly show you the brake disc processing technology and how to improve the brake disc processing efficiency.

Part 1 The casting problem of brake disc
The brake disc play the role of brake, gray cast iron is often used as the main materials, because gray cast iron has a good shock absorption performance. Brake disc has two types: "disc brakes" and "drum brakes", Customers will choose the brake disc depending on their requirements. And brake discs belong to cast parts, thin-walled parts, high technical requirements. In the casting process, we must control the mold moisture content, sand core and sand wet strength, thus reducing the stomatal, trachoma casting defects appear to reduce the rejection rate.

Part 2 Brake disc processing technology
(1) Improvement of the processing of brake discs
In past times, with common lathe, the process is roughing-semi-finishing-finishing
In current times, with CNC lathe, the process only has one step.
(2) Cutting Tools selection
In Past times, with common lathe, we use carbide insert
In current times, with CNC Lathe, we use cubic boron nitride insert

Halnn Superhard, since established, accurate grasp of the pulse of the times, and constantly strive to develop, to quickly meet the increasingly diverse needs to provide high-quality, high-performance cutting tools products. With the long-term cultivation of accumulated technical strength and the most cutting-edge technology development capability, the first proposed in China roughing "cubic boron nitride polycrystalline blade" concept, and adapt to the contemporary "high-speed, precision machining" and other cutting requirements. Halnn Superhard enjoys a high reputation in hard cutting tool academia.

Part 3 The advantages of BN-S30 Solid CBN insert:
High hardness, excellent wear resistance ,good impact resistance ,reduce the processing costs. High-speed cutting brake disc parts to improve the processing efficiency; dry cutting to reduce environmental pollution, high-speed cutting of the brake disc to reduce the cost of processing. BN-S30 CBN inserts can be used for both roughing and finishing.

Brake disc requirements are mainly surface finish and parallelism control, Halnn Superhard has two options.
(1) BN-S30 processing brake disc, more suitable for rough processing;
(2) BN-S300 and BN-K20,Grade combination of tools, mainly for finishing process. One combination of the tool according to the lathe selection, such as horizontal lathe suitable for double-sided double sided feed to ensure the brakes of the flatness and parallelism, processing efficiency is in turn processing both sides of the double. In the vertical lathe processing brakes, the use of single-sided double-sided at the same time processing efficiency and flatness have greatly improved.
BN-S300 and BN-K20 combination are used to finish the brake discs. BN-S300 Solid CBN inserts adopts superfine grain, which not only has high surface finish, but also belong to the non-metallic adhesive CBN tool. The durability of the blade is increased, resulting in a reduction in the cost of the tool and a reduction in the number of tool changes and a significant increase in the machining efficiency.

Here is a brief introduction to Halnn superhard BN-S300 processing disc brakes.

Part 4 Halnn Superhard combination tool BN-S300 processing brake disc case
Processing materials: Gray cast iron;
Processing: Finishing;
Tool Grade: End Surface with BN-S300 grades (Two cutters processing at the same time)
Cutting parameters: ap=0.25mm, Fr=0.2mm/r, Vc=800m/min.
Processing:  Dry cutting.
Processing Effect: Halnn Superhard cutting tools BN-S300 grades and coating carbide compared to the tool (see below): Halnn BN-S300 linear speed is higher than the coating carbide tool nearly 3 times. Tool life per blade is coated carbide tool 20 times, not only improved the efficiency, but also reduced the processing costs.
Insert Materials Insert Grade Linear Speed Lifetime/cutting edge
BN-S300 SCGN090408 800m/min 300 piece
Coated Carbide insert CNMG120408 300m/min 15 piece

Part 5 Conclusion
With the development of automotive manufacturing industry, more and more high quality and high performance work piece appears, for the machinery factory for high-efficiency low-cost tool materials or tool grades can improve the overall economic interests of the company, for the tool industry, Developed a high hardness and high strength, wear resistance and impact resistance of strong tool brands, you can occupy the tool market for the company to obtain economic benefits, thus promoting the development of machinery manufacturing industry.

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