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Select most suitable CBN Inserts for Machining Brake Discs

Part 1 The requirements on processing the brake discs
Brake disc material commonly used gray cast iron, called FC250. Brake discs determine the effect of the car brake is good or bad, and it is consumables. Brake discs processing technology for finishing and processing efficiency required higher.

Part 2 The processing characteristics of the brake disc
Brake disc blank, through heat-treatment to reduce internal stress, improve the mechanical processing performance. After screening, it will meet the requirements of the brake disc blank pieces for machining. But the brakes are less ductile, are short chip materials, cutting force is usually relatively low. In addition, because of the uneven distribution of graphite, resulting in changes in the hardness of the brake disc, CBN tool processing will lead to fluctuations, or even the phenomenon of collapse knife, reducing brake disc processing efficiency.

Part 3 Selection of the brake disc processing tools
CBN Inserts currently used for processing brake disc tool. In addition, gray cast iron inclusions in the non-plastic material will accelerate the wear and tear of the cbn inserts, it also requires the use of solid CBN Inserts with high wear-resistance. At present, most manufacturers choose to use BNK30 Solid CBN Inserts processing brakes.

Part 4 The application case of processing brake discs

BNK30 rough machining Brake Disc

Machining Part:Brake Disc

Machining Materials:HT250

Workpiece Hardness:HB180~240    

Inserts Grade:BNK30 CNGN120416

Cutting Type:Dry Cutting 

Cutting Parameters:ap=2.5mm,Fr=0.3mm/r,Vc=697m/min

Testing Performance

Inserts Materials

Linear Speed(m/min)

Cutting Depth

Tool Life/tip

Halnn BNK30




Seco CBN300




Part 5 The advantages of BNK30 brake disc material process brake discs
BNK30 solid cbn insert has been widely used in the processing of brake disc industry. BNK30 solid cbn insert processing brake disc has the following advantages: BN-S30 solid cbn insert has high hardness, impact resistance and wear resistance to ensure that the brake disc surface finish and brightness, and improve the brake disc Processing efficiency, high temperature to achieve stable cutting.

Part 6 Summary
BNK30 solid cbn insert will be the best choice for processing brake discs.

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