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The advantages of Halnn PCBN hard turning Hardened Steel

With the advantages of CBN inserts highlighting, more and more machine manufacturers choose CBN inserts to hard turning hardened steel parts. So what are the advantages of CBN inserts hard turning hardened steel? We will introduce as follows:

(1) CBN inserts itself excellent performance
Halnn Superhard researched non-metal adhesive CBN inserts, not only has high hardness, well wear-resistance and High temperature resistance, but also has strong impact roughness resistance. And it also can large allowance and interrupt turning quenched steel parts, and has high processing efficiency.

(2)Compared with Grinding, Costs lower
When grinding parts, we can choose different grinder machines depending on different workpieces, but when Halnn Superhard CBN inserts machining quenched steel parts, it doesn’t need special cutting tools, machine and fixture. It can process on the universal lathe and CNC lathe.

(3)Machine tool has good rigidity
The Premise of hard turning is that machine rigidity must be good. Modern machine tool which made in recently 15~20 years almost has good rigidity,and are enough to withstand hard turning.Halnn superhard researched some grade non-metal adhesive CBN inserts also can be used some machines whose rigidity are less.

(4)Dry Cutting, Reduce Pollution
CBN inserts use dry cutting,not only reduce Cooling device, but also save the costs on cutting fluid, it is clean and easy to handle chip.

(5) Large allowance and interrupt turning
Halnn Superhard CBN inserts use non-metal adhesive, improved the impact resistance, fracture resistance and seismic performance. Cutting Depth doesn’t have  limit, can cut all the inserts, and can interrupt turning quenched steel parts, such as large-scale gears surface. Halnn Superhard PCBN inserts will not appear not-wear and chipping phenomenon because of large deformation, large allowance which produced after heat-treatment. Halnn Superhard CBN inserts break the myth of which CBN inserts can’t used for large allowance interrupt hard turning quenched steel, and is the worldwide breakthrough in CBN inserts industry.

Halnn Superhard, as top tool company depending on offer CBN inserts solutions in CBN inserts industry always accurate grasp the pulse of the times change, continue to develop new high performance cutting tools to satisfy Increasingly diverse high quality requirements .With long-terms accumulation of technical strength and cultivate the most cutting-edge technology development capabilities ,Halnn first proposed rough turning  "Solid CBN inserts" concept  in domestic , and adapt to contemporary "high-speed, precision machining" cutting requirements.

Our Purpose :Let the world no longer have difficult to machine materials.

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