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Common questions and solutions of machining gear wheels

1. We choose the cutting tools which used for machining steel for machining gear steel because of its high hardness, but why is it always non wear resistant?
A: The hardness of gear steel after heat-treatment usually is above HRC45,some manufacturers choose carbide alloy cutting tools or coating inserts, and the grades also specific to steel parts ,but they are always  non wear resistant ,has low efficiency, need change inserts frequently,but they all don’t know choose  what cutting tools materials to machining high hardness gear steel efficiently.
Many small-to-midsize manufacturers don’t know CBN inserts can machining high hardness gear steel, just know that carbide alloy cutting tools can machining steel parts, but don’t know what hardness steel. For steel parts whose hardness is below HRC45, carbide alloy cutting tools are better, but for high hardness gear steel, CBN inserts will be better.
Halnn Superhard as a professional manufacturer of CBN inserts, has researched BN-H20 and BN-H11 PCBN inserts specific to high hardness gear wheel, are used for small allowance finish turning process. These two grade inserts belong to welded CBN inserts, cutting depth within 0.5mm,and can high-speed cutting, the processing efficiency is Dozens of times than carbide cutting tools ,and Halnn Superhard BN-H20 PCBN inserts also can interrupt turning gear steel ,solved chipping frequently problems when traditional cutting tools interrupt machining gear steel.

2. Some large-scale gear steel has high hardness, large deformation, large allowance after heat-treatment. And large-scale gear steel don’t have corresponding grinding machine, can’t use grinding process, just can choose turning or milling to machining, how to choose cutting tools materials?
A:For this situation, you can only choose CBN inserts, but brazed CBN inserts can’t machining ,it will be better to choose Solid CBN inserts
Halnn Superhard first proposed the concept “solid CBN inserts” to rough machining in domestic, depending on the long-term accumulation of technical strength and the most sophisticated technology development capability. And Halnn Superhard researched BN-S20 Solid CBN inserts specific to high hardness gear steel, make CBN inserts large allowance rough turning and strong interrupt turning come true, and become a worldwide breakthrough in CBN cutting tools industry!
Halnn Superhard BN-S20 Solid CBN inserts machining large-scale high hardness gear steel, can adjust the reasonable cutting parameters depending on machine rigidity. With enough machine rigidity condition, cutting parameters can adjust larger, otherwise adjust smaller.BN-S20 Solid CBN inserts can not only large allowance high hardness gear steel, also can strong interrupt turning gear wheel, BN-S20 Solid CBN inserts use non-metallic adhesive, improved Impact toughness and fracture resistance compared with traditional CBN inserts.
We have made experiment between BN-S20 Solid CBN inserts and ceramic cutting tools: when Halnn superhard BN-S20 Solid CBN inserts cutting speed is more than 2 times than ceramic cutting tools, the lifetime of BN-S20 grade CBN inserts is 16 times of ceramic’s. And BN-S20 Solid CBN inserts is normal wear, but ceramic cutting tool is chipping.

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