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The perfect combination of Halnn cbn inserts and CNC machine

Since the venture, Halnn Tools accurately grasp the pulse of the times change, and constantly strive to develop and provide to meet the increasingly diverse needs of fast, high-quality, high-performance cutting tool products. Halnn depends on long-term accumulated culture and cutting edge technology ability, first proposed roughing "solid cbn inserts" concept in China. Halnn enjoys a high reputation in academic field.

With the development and manufacturing requirements of modern science and technology gradually improved, more and more CNC machine tools replaced general machine tools boosting the manufacturing sector development. On the basis of quality, performance and tool material CNC machine tools can ensure the normal processing the workpiece in high-speed cutting state, and reduce duplication of effort, improve processing efficiency.

But with more and more high hardness difficult to machine materials, the cutting tool requirements are also gradually improved. Using CNC lathe machining high hardness difficult materials, the performance can’t satisfy the customers. The cutting tool is always do not wear-resistant, chipping and have other issues. In fact, this is the reasons of not choosing the right cutting tool.

Currently, the cutting tool materials of processing high hardness difficult materials is cubic boron nitride inserts and ceramic inserts. Ceramic cutter is mainly used in the fine finishing procedure, the hardness of the processing workpiece is generally between HRC45-55, it need try to avoid intermittent cutting, such as continuous machining hardened steel outer circle, inner bore. CBN inserts, due to its high hardness, wear resistance, is widely used for processing high hardness cast iron, steel castings, forgings, quenching pieces and common gray cast iron.

Halnn Superhard, according to market demand, research and develop high-performance, high-quality cbn inserts , and successfully developed a series of non-metallic binder CBN insert grades, a national patent brand. For example, BN-K1 solid CBN inserts take advantage in the field of high hardness cast iron, and make CBN inserts use for large margin and strong intermittent processing high hardness parts, generally machine tools and CNC machine tools can be very good to play its role.

Halnn Superhard follows the development of the times, developed high-efficiency cutting tools.. The use of CNC machine tools machining the workpiece can not only improve processing efficiency and workpiece accuracy, but also can affect the workpiece accuracy. According to performance and margin of hardened steel, Halnn superhard developed two kinds of fine finishing CBN inserts BN-H11 and BN-H20 which belong to welded CBN inserts, depth of cut need to control within 0.3mm best. This cutting tool can be perfect combination with CNC machine tool, machining hardened steel at high speed state, linear speed can be 60-250m/min, accuracy up to Ra0.8.

Currently, the gray cast iron quantity production also adopts CNC machining, and some large factories adopt full mechanization and automation management. With the popularity of CNC machine tools, so that the processing efficiency has increased, but quantity production of gray cast iron parts, the traditional cutting tools can’t meet the production schedule, resulting in frequent changes blades efficiency is affected.

Aiming at gray cast iron parts, Halnn developed for roughing and finishing CBN inserts: BN-S30 and BN-K20.
BN-S30 are roughing cutting tool, belong to solid CBN inserts, can be as large margin machining gray cast iron parts, and good wear resistance, long tool life, high production efficiency.

BN-K20 grade is finishing cutting tool, belong to welded CBN inserts, it is mainly used for gray cast iron finish process. Cutting depth within 0.3mm, linear speed up to 300-1500m/min. Processing gray cast iron under high speed state, precision up to Ra1.0.

Halnn superhard non-metallic adhesive cbn inserts due to adopt non-metallic (ceramic) as a binder to improve the impact toughness of the workpiece, plus the cutting tool itself high hardness and high wear resistance, the cutting tool and CNC tool are the perfect combination. normal machining at high speed high temperature state, to ensure high hardness and difficult processing materials quality and efficiency.

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