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The development of Machine tool and Cutting Tool industry

In modern machinery manufacturing industry, the number of CNC machine tools gradually raise, in the near future it will replace the ordinary machine tools. For the cutting tool industry, the only constant developed a high-efficiency, high-quality cutting tool materials, in order to follow the development of the times. Currently in some processing fields, carbide inserts is not as good as cubic boron inserts. Because CBN insert is no sensitive on the linear speed and is combined with CNC machine tools with high cutting speed and high processing efficiency.
halnntools cnc lathe

According to related statistics: annual global machinery manufacturing industry cutting processing cost more than $ 400 billion, of which cutting tool costs account for about $ 20 billion. With the mechanical manufacturing industry improvement in developed countries in recent years, high-efficiency machining cutting tools not only improves productivity, but also help save the cost more than $100 billion one year for the machinery manufacturing industry.
halnntools cbn inserts
With the prosperity and development of the modern economy, the cutting tool market demand continues to expand, and with the rapid development of the cutting tool industry, I believe on the basis of economic consumption, production scale of the cutting tool will continue to expand, it is expected to create a new historical improvement.

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