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Advantages of Solid polycrystalline CBN inserts BN-K1 grade for processing slurry pumps

Slurry pump, as one of the main equipment in mining, electric power, metallurgy, coal and other industries, is often used to transport slurry containing corrosive solid particles, requiring slurry pumps to have high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, such as Cr20, Cr26, Cr27, Cr15Mo3 are our common slurry pump materials, also known as high chrome alloy cast iron.

Halnn BN-K1 grade solid CBN inserts for pump turning

High chromium alloy cast iron slurry pump casting molding, high hardness, cutting tools need to withstand the larger impact, the higher temperature generated to accelerate the wear of the tool, the cutting tool heat resistance and chipping resistance requirements are high. Secondly, part of the slurry pump diameter is large, the tool needs to have excellent wear resistance, to ensure a long service life. Intermittent cutting conditions compared to the above problems are more difficult to solve, such as slurry pump impeller has 5-12 blades, the cutting tool impact resistance toughness requirements are very high.

In terms of the current tool industry, CBN inserts are more suitable. Carbide tools can also be processed slurry pump, but because of its own low hardness, more suitable for processing time short small slurry pump, for large intermittent slurry pump choose CBN inserts better.

Halnn BN-K1 grade CBN inserts turning pump

There are three types of CBN inserts, among which, the one suitable for slurry pump processing is the solid CBN inserts, of which BN-K1 grade is a widely acclaimed CBN material at present.

BN-K1 grade is a monolithic polycrystalline CBN insert specially developed by Halnn tools for high hardness cast iron. Its excellent fracture resistance, good wear resistance, excellent chemical stability, higher cutting efficiency and longer tool life make it widely used in the field of slurry pump.

As a pioneer in the localization of China's super hard tools, Halnn tools has taken CBN inserts for brittle hard material processing and high grade diamond as its research direction in the early days, and enjoys a high reputation in the academic field of super hard tools, especially in the subdivision fields of "turning instead of grinding", ultra-hard heavy-duty cutting and high-speed machining of cast iron.

As a pioneer in the field of professional hard material tools, Halnn tools have been widely used in automobile, metallurgy, air conditioning compressor, gear, bearing, mold, mining machinery, energy and other machining fields.

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