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Parameters and Tool Selection of Quenched Materials in Milling

Today, with the improvement of the performance of machine tools and cutting tools, the use of turnin...


High chromium cast iron processing tools (comparative test of CBN tools and ceramic tools)

With the development of cubic boron nitride (CBN) nanotechnology and the innovation of synthesis tec...


Choice of grooving tools for high boron steel, high speed steel, and infinitely chilled cast iron rolls

High-boron steel, high-speed steel, and infinitely chilled cast iron rolls are widely used in the fo...


The effect of choosing Halnn superhard CBN cutting tools for the hardened steel of finishing car is remarkable

This article mainly introduces the characteristics of hardened steel and how to process high hardnes...


How to choose the tool material to process the slurry pump? Cubic boron nitride inserts

Compared with carbide tools, it has high hardness and good wear resistance; compared with ceramic to...

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