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Halnn launch new cbn inserts BNK30 for Machining Cast Iron

Halnn launch new cbn inserts materials grade BNK30 for machining gray cast iron...


The 15th China International Machine Tool Show

Halnn Superhard participatethe 15th China International Machine Tool Show on April 17~22th. We went to visit the newest technology. It is crowded in the show....


Choose right tool materials and cutting data for CNC Lathe

Establish machining process is similar to the ordinary lathes machining process when using CNC lathe to machining, the CNC lathe is clamp one time to complete all the turning process with continuous automatic machining, so we need pay more a...


The 14th China lnternational Foundry EXPO(Metal China)

People usually see the world, it can be divided into bottom, head, looking down at three. Head is the most normal and most comfortable vision, from the bottom to the calm sense of balance, contains a mature and confident, reasonable manner,...


Three industries widely used hard cutting tools

hard cutting tools, cbn inserts, halnncbn ...

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